Trucks have been a popular gift idea for over fifty years. Kids love to play pretend and be imaginative, so there is no question as to why they love trucks. Trucks allow them to create worlds of their own with realistic like workers and services. This will add to any child’s imaginative world.

Not only does playing with trucks make playing pretend more fun, but it also helps develop your child’s imagination and creativity. Computer games have many benefits, especially learning-geared ones. That being said there are some skills that cannot be learned the same way in a pre-crafted game.

Farm trucks toys are a great choice for a gift, rather than typical construction trucks. With often more complex designs, these toys are sometimes more entertaining to young children. These represent another section of employment you can teach them about. Playtime will also become a chance to teach your children about food and where it comes from.

Why are Big farm toy trucks so special?

The best way to teach anybody something is to sneak it in. It is far easier to soak up a lesson if you are enjoying yourself and learning at the same time. This is why playing with toys such as trucks with your kids is invaluable for learning and for fueling their growth.

With the rise of technology, there has been a growth in online and video games aimed at children. A lot of these games were created with the intention of teaching them. Though these games can have educational benefits, it is entirely different from playing with traditional toys.

Sure your child can learn some of the same lessons from playing with a truck toy or a truck video game. However, that being said, there are many key components which make playing with a real toy truck preferable. Playing with a toy truck will teach them fine motor skills and hand-eye-coordination, skills necessary to function later in life.

Everything to look for when making a purchase

One of the most important factors to keep in mind when purchasing a toy truck is intended age range. Though there are many farming toys meant for kids, there is also a large market for farm truck collectables. These vehicles will generally be replicate, scale models of real-life farm vehicles.

Though these truck models can be played with, they are a lot more fragile than typical kids toys. If you are purchasing a model truck for an older child who has an interest in farming, it will be okay. However, if you are buying these trucks with the intention of hard play, they will not last. Unlike toys intended for younger children, they are not built to endure the abuse children will put them through.

Similarly, it is important to take under consideration the materials the object is made with. This is incredibly necessary for younger children. If you have a young child, a safe, durable plastic is a common choice. It can be incredibly unsafe for them to be playing with a less durable material which can break apart into little pieces.

The next point to keep in mind is that adults love these farm trucks as well. There are farm truck ‘toys,’ specifically the model type trucks, that are intended for kids. If you anybody who is a farmer or somebody who owns one of these vehicles they may love this as a gift. Sometimes these are a more of a display than a toy.

The last thing to take under consideration is the price point. Similar to any purchase you make, it is extremely crucial to know how much you are spending. Our list of toy trucks has a variety of price points to suit everybody’s budget.

When it comes to farm toys, there is a large range in prices as they are intended for different audiences. If you are purchasing a toy for a kid, look for a high-quality, safe-for-kids truck. These will be cheaper and will make a far better toy than the real replicate models also sold online.

1. Big Farm Harvesting Set

This product from TOMY is a perfect mix between kids toy and realistic model. The grain box toy looks almost like a perfect replica to a real Peterbilt truck, which will fuel kid’s learning and creativity. The truck itself works, you can open the rear grain door and also open the rear gate. This will allow children to fill it up with objects for endless fun.

Also included in this toy set is an Auger and a grain bin. Though the grain bin requires some basic assembly, it is an incredible set to own all three pieces for. Owning the full set will certainly elevate any child’s imaginative opportunities, as they can create a play-farm of their own.

Though this makes for a fantastic toy for youngsters, it is also a great gift for those older than three as well. This TOMY truck is a realistic model of the Peterbilt Model 367 Grain Truck, which makes for a great addition to any farm truck lover’s collection.

2. John Deere Monster Treads Deluxe Lightning Wheels Tractor

This tractor truck also from TOMY is a great toy for any young children. The John Deere Green model is suitable for children three and up and is entertaining for young ones. The truck has massive and brightly coloured monster truck wheels that change colours as the tractor rolls.

Not only is there colour changing, but this John Deere Green vehicle also has the ability to make noises. Sounds and colours will always be entertaining for any young kids on your gift buying list. These features can be activated by simply rolling the wheels. This is for allowing children to play on their own without requiring their parents to help them make the noises.

This thing is huge and heavy. With a whopping weight of two pounds, this is not like other toy trucks on the market. It is created to be durable to children and be able to endure any abuse thrown at it.

3. Boley Green Farm Tractor – Educational Light and Sound Toddler Vehicle – Perfect for Hours of Pretend Play

This toy truck from Boley is perfect for younger children on your list. It is child-friendly, which means it is safe and of durable materials. The plastic used to make this toy are nontoxic and adhere to regulation set to assure children’s safety for toys. It is meant to be able to handle wear and tear from children, so there are no worries when it comes to hard play.

This Boley truck is packed with fun features that your child will love. This truck is perfect for toddlers, with fun engaging sounds and bright lights which are activated by buttons. The loud siren and flashing lights inside will provide endless enjoyment for toddlers and other young children.

These toys are perfect for growing kids. With a small farmer figurine included on the tractor, children will be able to create stories and play pretend. This will also give you chance to teach them about farming and how we get our food.

4. Ertl Big Farm 1:16 Peterbilt Model 367 With Grain Box

Not all toy trucks are only meant for young children’s play. This rings true with this high-quality replica ERTL Peterbilt grain box truck. This truck is very similar to our one from number one, but comes without the set and is in a shade of red.

Though these can make for fun playing toys for young children, they are not intended for that purpose. The fact that these are high quality means they can likely last some wear and tear from children. However, with the details put into making this an accurate replica, it will likely be more appreciated by adults or older children.

If you have an older child, even a teenager who loves farming or dreams of getting a grain box truck, this is a perfect gift. This is also a great idea for adults who already own this truck or those who have a farm toy collection.

Frequently Asked Questions about Big farm toy trucks

Often people’s main concern when purchasing these trucks is what age range they are good for. There is always a lot of questioning concerning the durability of these vehicles. If you are planning on giving one of these trucks to a young child or toddler, it is important to take into consideration the durability.

The next frequently asked question follows suit with the first one. Many questions what material these trucks are made out of. This will often determine whether they are made to be replica models or kids toys.

Another concern people have is whether these vehicles will survive weather conditions. This is not really a concern if you a buying these trucks for older recipients. However, if your intended recipient is younger, there is a good chance this truck will get some wear and tear outside. Make sure the toy will be durable in mud or varying weather conditions.


Big farm toy trucks are great gift ideas for people of all ages. Not only do young children and toddlers love toy trucks. Trucks especially replica models are also loved by adults with collections or love for farming.

This list of trucks has a wide range of options depending on your needs. If you require a truck for a young child or toddler, the best choice may be the Boley Green Farm Tractor. This truck toy can handle hours of abuse from children. The John Deere Green monster truck tractor is another great option for younger children with its bright and massive wheels.

No matter who your target audience is, there is a big farm truck suited to them. Both adults and children will love how realistic some of the trucks are. Children will also love the ones that make sounds and light up. Overall, if you know somebody who loves farming, consider buying them a farm toy truck.

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