When it comes to toys and trucks, often bigger is better. Most children love real trucks because of the sheer size in comparison to themselves. This is why it is no surprise that children would love big truck toys just as much. The smaller the child, generally the more they enjoy larger items, this is why often toddlers are the biggest fans of these toys. Here are a few Big toy trucks for toddlers that we like.

Big truck toys are wonderful for outdoor play. Generally, the larger ones also have the ability to create more change and hold more. This will be extremely entertaining for children who are trying to make construction zones out of their outdoor environment.

There is no doubt that little children love trucks and things that are larger than life. Many children also enjoy large trucks as they are able to ride in them. This is why it is so easy to understand why big toy trucks are such a popular toy and gift option for toddlers.

Importance of big toy trucks for toddlers

Playing with big trucks is actually one of the best things for a young child to do. For a child, the more they want to play with a toy, the more they will be entertained by it. All toddlers and small children adore playing with big toy trucks. Because of this, they are more likely to gravitate toward them when choosing what to play with.

If a child gravitates towards a toy it makes the parent’s job of keeping them entertained far easier. This is very important for parents who need a break from their job of full-time parenting. This is also very important for parents with multiple children.

Big toy trucks will inspire children to play creatively and use their imaginations. This is very important there is no better time to fuel and grow a child’s creativity. These skills will be very useful in the future no matter what they find themselves doing.

Buying Guide

When purchasing toys on Amazon there are many important things to keep in your mind to assure you get the product you are hoping for. The first important qualification is to know who the toys are meant for. Specifically what age group.

Toddlers likely require the most safety in their toys out of any other age group of children. Toys made for toddlers will be more durable and include less small pieces. It is very important to consider how the product is made and how high the quality is when purchasing a toy for a young toddler. This will determine how safe it truly is.

Another important factor to consider, especially with these big toy trucks is whether or not they will be able to support the weight of your child. Many of these large trucks are durable and strong enough to actually support your child’s full weight. That being said it is better to be safe than sorry and know ahead of time. If a child tries to stand or sit on a toy that is not meant to support them it could break and be potentially dangerous.

There are other safety concerns you should definitely keep in mind when purchasing a toy for a toddler. One important factor to keep in mind is the material of the toy. Toys meant for toddlers will be made with safe and materials. They will also generally be crafted with strong, durable plastic. You can find information about the material in the product description on the Amazon page.

Finally, it is extremely important to keep in mind where your child plays with their toys. If you tend to bring your child outdoors to play, you may want to look out for toys that are easy to clean. On the other hand, if you mainly have an indoor playing area, be wary of toys that can possibly scratch up your floors and surfaces.

1. Play22 Toy Tractors for Kids Ride On Excavator – Music Sounds Digger Scooter Tractor Toys Bulldozer Includes Helmet with Rocks – Ride On Tractor Pretend Play – Toddler Tractor Construction Truck


This toy from Play22 combines all of the elements that children love. First, it is a toy truck, which is and has always been a very popular toy choice for many children. Second, this excavator toy allows for real serious scooping. The best feature of all, of course, is the fact that a child is able to ride on this truck.

Children absolutely love toys that they can sit on. This allows them to really feel like they are managing a work site, which will let their imaginations run wild. This truck also includes a safety helmet and two rocks for the ultimate experience. The toy itself creates musical sounds which will keep your child entertained for hours.

This toy is perfect for safe and educational fun for toddlers. The truck meets all the safety requirements necessary so that you do not have to have any safety or design concerns.

2. Little Tikes Cozy Truck Ride-On with removable floorboard


For a company with a name you know and trust, consider this big truck from Little Tikes. These types of trucks have been around for decades and there is a very good chance that you may have had one yourself. If your child loves the car shopping cars available at the grocery stores, they will absolutely love this toy.

Little Tikes’ Cozy Truck Ride-On is the perfect vehicle for your toddler to ride around in. Even as your child grows the car can be modified to fit them with a removable floorboard. This truck features a opening gas cap, loud working horn and a turning steering wheel.

The truck also includes an opening and closing drivers door and a realistic-looking front grill. All of the features of this toy vehicle make it feel even more real. This will make children feel like they are truly driving around which will entertain them for hours.

3. B. Toys – Colossal Cruiser – 20” Large Sand Truck – Beach Toy Dump Trucks for Kids 18 m+ (Lime/Navy)


A classic big toy truck that has been around forever, is the huge dump trucks. These trucks are perfect for outdoor use in the sandbox, at a beach or in the backyard. The huge bin on this ‘Colossal Cruiser’ will allow your child to fill it up with even more than with other dump trucks available. The bin is also able to move and dump which will keep your child entertained for plenty of time.

This truck is intended for the use of children and is made to be worry-free for parents. The material is phthalate and BPA-free so that you do not need to have safety concerns. The truck is also extremely durable, so it will not break apart doing any kind of play.

B. Toys’ dump truck is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. This allows children to bring the toy with them no matter where you go. The truck is easy for a youngster to operate and will even teach them a variety of fine motor skills.

4. Boley Large Jumbo Dump Truck Construction Vehicle – 18″ Button-Activated Light & Sound Construction Toys with Moveable Load Container, Perfect Car Truck Toy for Toddler Boys Girls Kids


This massive dump truck from Boley will engage your children for hours of entertaining fun. The truck features flashing lights, loud sirens and a moveable dumping bin. These components will not only make the truck more fun but also more realistic. This will allow children to feel like they are really working on a real truck in a construction site.

This truck is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, which can be rare with larger toy vehicles. The truck will roll just as nicely on a carpet or wood floors as it will outside, and you do not have to worry about any potential scratches.  

This truck is intended for toddlers so it is created to be child-friendly. It is designed with durable, 100% non-toxic material and rounded corners to assure ultimate safety. You do not have to have any concerns with this truck from Boley as it has tested for toddlers and follows the standards set by the United States for child safety.

Frequent Asked Questions about big toy trucks for toddlers

There are many questions which can be asked when purchasing a big toy truck for a toddler. The first question on many people’s minds is how much weight can this truck handle? While not all of these trucks are meant to support children, most children will have an urge to sit on large trucks.

Generally, you will be able to answer this question by checking the product description, comments or extra information down below. This is crucial to assure the toy does not break and no child is hurt while playing with it.

Another important question to ask is whether these trucks are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. If you live in a space without a backyard, this is an important question to consider. When questioning this, the best way to answer this is to consider the material the toy is made from. Usually, toys made from plastic will not damage your floors or surfaces indoors but will operate well outdoors as well.


There is probably nothing more fun for a child than a huge truck. Children love toys that are bigger than them, which likely explains why they love real trucks as well. Even if the truck will not be able to hold your child, it will still allow for endless entertainment for your toddler.

Big toy trucks are perfect for keeping children occupied for hours of fun. If you are a busy parent there is a good chance this is a very important factor when purchasing a toy for your child. Big toys such as these are generally pretty safe, even without major supervision and will keep your rambunctious toddler busy and distracted.

The larger a toy truck is the more real it will seem for a young child. A toy truck will feel even more real if your child is able to sit on it and ride it around. This will really make them feel like they are driving or managing a construction site. If you are looking for a toy that your toddler is guaranteed to love, try one of these big toy trucks.  

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