If many had to guess, they would likely think that fewer kids are playing with toy trucks than before. However, this just is not the case. Toy trucks are essentially just as popular as they were over fifty years ago. This is because of many different factors. Let’s take a peek into the world of Big toy trucks with trailers.

First is because kids usually highly admire their parents. When you idolize anybody as a young child you will often try and emulate them. This may mean copying their actions or pretending to live the same way. One way for kids to do so is by owning a toy version of their parent’s vehicle. If you have a truck of any kind with a trailer, there is a good chance your child will want a toy version of it.

Another reason kids love trucks is that they are often advertised on television or in movies. Just like adults, kids are susceptible to media’s advertising. Often car and trucks are presented to be very cool in commercials and movies, which explains children’s fascination with them.

Importance of Big toy trucks with trailers

Playing with trucks as a child is an invaluable experience that should not be skipped. This also continues as children get older. Often children are moved from toys to computer games before the age of ten. That being said, engaging older children’s interests in truck toys is very good for their futures.

Though not all older kids will want to play with truck toys, there are more realistic trucks that come with trailers. These will make it seem like like a toy for older children. Playing with toy trucks is a crucial part of childhoods as it teaches children important skills from their future.

First of all, it forces children to be creative and to use their imagination. Often imagining scenarios in which their trucks can exist, kids can create a world of their own with these toys. It also teaches them hand-eye-coordination and fine-motor skills which will be useful in almost every domain later in life.

What to look for when making a purchase?

When purchasing a big toy truck with a trailer there are many things you need to keep in mind. Especially if this toy is going to be a gift, it is important to consider certain factors. This will assure you get exactly what you wanted.

The first thing to consider is who is your target recipient for the gift. Some trucks available on Amazon are meant specifically for younger children, perhaps toddler ages. These toys will be safe and fun for younger children to play with, and are usually also educational.

Safe toys for children with be durable and easy to use. If a toy is fragile it will not be able to endure the wear and tear it will receive from a rambunctious young child. Another factor to keep in mind is how the toy operates. If the toy is complicated, your child will likely have a harder time enjoying it on their own. If you are buying a gift for younger child keep in mind the material the truck is made with and simplicity.

On the other hand, not all trucks are meant for younger children. There are also trucks available which will be better for older children, teenagers and adults. These will more likely be model trucks, made with metal. Another truck that is not usually meant for younger children is one with remote controls as these may be complicated for youngsters.

The next important thing to consider when purchasing toys online is price point and brand. There are certain toy trucks that may seem high quality and durable. However, this may be because they are simply copying classic brand’s designs. The toy itself may not be the best quality. Try to pay attention to reviews of quality and look at what name you are buying from.

1. DOUBLE E RC Tow Truck Licensed Mercedes-Benz Acros Detachable Flatbed Semi-Trailer Engineering Tractor Remote Control Trailer Truck Electronics Hobby Toy with Sound and Lights


This toy is probably one of the most incredible trucks available on Amazon. This machine is a detailed replica of the Mercedes-Benz flatbed semi-trailer. The accuracy will be appreciated by both kids or collectors who choose to purchase this product.

What sets this toy apart from others available online is that it has a remote control which comes with it. Rather than having to push around a toy truck, it can be operated pressing buttons and switches on a controller. These will activate varying sounds, speeds and motions.

With the controlling remote, this truck is one of the most fun trucks available for older children. Though it is suitable for young children, it will be highly appreciated by older ones who will understand how to control the machine. The truck bed is large enough to fit other toys and objects which kids will be able to carry around the house easily.

2. Green Toys Car Carrier Vehicle Set Toy, Blue


This truck from Green Toys is a perfect choice for younger children. Green Toys creates products that are both safe and fun for children to play with. Created with hard, durable plastic, this toy is fully suited for rambunctious youngsters who play hard.

The material is 100% recycled and created in the United States. This way you are contributed to the world and to local workers at the same time. This truck is perfect for both outdoor and indoor play. If you have a backyard, this truck from Green Toys can handle the mud and weather conditions that it will likely have to endure.

As it is not made with any metal pieces or hard outer coatings, it will not scratch up your floors. This makes it perfect for indoor playing, without any damage. The truck is brightly coloured and the trailer component can hold other vehicles. This will provide young children with endless hours of entertainment.

3. Schleich North America Pick Up with Horse Trailer Playset


This pickup truck is a perfect gift for horse loving girls. Many girls have a natural love for horses and so it is no surprise that this product has done so well. Not only does it include a toy truck and a trailer, but the trailer is also functioning to fit horses inside of. This is perfect for children who have a large collection of figurines lying around the house.

Toys such as this Schleich product allow for children’s creativity to roam free. The set also includes some people figurines which create a more interesting story. Playing pretend with toys will grow a child’s imaginative abilities and provide them with useful skills for the future.

The set also includes some decals which will be loved by girls especially. This was they can decorate the truck and trailer themselves. This just adds another layer of entertainment onto the great truck toy.

4. Melissa & Doug Magnetic Car Loader Wooden Toy Set, Cars & Trucks, Helps Develop Motor Skills, 4 Cars and 1 Semi-Trailer Truck, 5.75″ H x 13″ W x 3″ L


This truck from toy creators Melissa and Doug is perfect for younger children. This playset is made to be child friendly, intended for children three to six years old. Melissa and Doug has been created toys for over thirty years. This experience is what deemed their toys: “gold standard of childhood play.”

Included in the set is 4 magnetic cars, a truck with a car carrying trailer and a red truck with a magnetic arm. The magnetic arm will allow children to pick up their magnetic cars. They can then place them on the trailer portion of the car-carrying truck. Because of all the different items included these toys will provide endless entertainment for younger children.

Melissa and Doug is so sure that you will love their toys that they offer a happiness guarantee. They promise to provide durable toys, that are not only fun, but also safe and educational for children.

Frequently Asked Questions about big toy trucks with trailers

A common question many will have about toy trucks with trailers is how high of a quality these trucks are. If you are dealing with a younger child, it is incredibly important that toys can withstand possible damages. That is why many question the durability of toy trucks, especially when gifting to toddlers.

Another common question is whether or not the pieces can come apart. If you are buying a big toy truck with a trailer you would assume that it would come with two separate pieces. However, if this is a toy intended for younger children it may not be detachable. If it can come apart, it is important to question whether there are small pieces that could be dangerous for younger children.

The last frequently asked question is about the accuracy of these trucks. Some trucks available online are not meant to be toys for children but instead models for collections. Many will call into question the details of the trucks. If you are purchasing for a collection, be sure to be careful about how realistic trucks you find online are.


A pickup truck toy is a great option for boys of all ages. Most boys will go through a phase of wanting to drive a pickup truck. This will be especially true if his parents drive a pickup truck and you are close to him. Boys will often admire their parents and want to copy them. A truck toy is a great way to do that.

Though most kids are not exactly picky, there are features that will make trucks more attractive and realistic for younger children. The addition of a trailer to a truck toy will make it a lot cooler for young children.

When purchasing a big toy truck with a trailer, it is important to buy one that fits your needs. On sites like Amazon, you will find everything from model trucks to trucks aimed at toddlers. Assuming you choose a truck that is appropriate for the recipient, these trucks will make for a great gift for people of all ages.

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