People have enjoyed forming collections of items for many years. There is a good chance your parents or grandparents had some form of a collection they were prideful in. Whether it is designer purses, signed baseball bats or stamps, people love to collect things. Growing a collection is a very enjoyable and rewarding hobby for many.

A popular collection that has been around for years is collecting figurine vehicles. While to some these may appear as toys, to the proud owners these are much more. You can find collectable trucks and cars at ranging prices. From more affordable ones on Amazon to more expensive ones at auctions or flea markets.

Many enjoy having collections of vehicles as they love trucks and cars but cannot afford the real thing. This allows them to still collect a group of their ideal vehicles without breaking the bank. Most of these toys are actually smaller, replica models of the original vehicles.

Importance of Collectible toy trucks

Fully dedicating yourself into something is a great way to keep yourself entertained. For some, running may be their hobby. Other enjoy painting or writing. However, for many growing a collection of items is what they love to do in their spare time.

Collections of toy trucks may seem like wastes of money to some. That being said, these collections are just as useful as a collection of baseball cards or stamps. Collectable trucks give people something to save money up for and aim to buy. Rather than gifting themselves with expensive items, a collectable car is a small gift that will bring great happiness.

To be able to watch your collection grow is extremely rewarding to those with collections. Having collections of items is just as important as having any other hobby. It will overall make you happier and keep your mind sharp even into your older years of life.

Buying Guide

When purchasing a collectible vehicle online there are many things to keep in mind. This is especially important if you are buying these trucks as gifts for somebody else.

The first factor to consider is what vehicle you are looking for. There are a variety of different ways to find collectible and model vehicles. You can purchase them at flea markets and auctions. However, the easiest source is buying them online from a site such as Amazon.

To make sure you will be satisfied with your purchase, first consider what truck you are searching for. You may not be able to the exact vehicle or make. Does any red pick-up truck do? Or are you looking specifically for a ‘55 Chevy.

Following suit with this first consideration, keep in mind how accurate of a model you are searching for. Some may not require exact details, while seasoned collectors may be looking for exact replicas of the vehicles. An easy way to make sure you are getting what you want is do research on the producer and check the price point.

The next thing to keep in mind when purchasing a model truck online is whether or not you want to assemble it. Some of these vehicles will come pre-constructed while others will require major assembly. It is also important to keep track of the difficulty associated with the vehicle. Some models will require more assembling and will have smaller pieces. If you are new at assembling collectible vehicles, or purchasing for a child, it may be a good idea to try something simpler.

The last important consideration is who this gift will be going to. If you are planning on giving this truck to a child, check whether or not the paint on the model is toxic. As kids have a tendency to put things in their mouths this is extremely important to prevent possible health issues.

1. Revell 1:24 55 Ford F-100 Street Rod

Collecting model toy trucks is a little different from collecting normal toy trucks. Collecting them as models requires assembly. This gives you a creative task and hobby with a satisfying end result. Building model trucks and cars is a great task to improve many of your overall mental and bodily skills. For example those who understand how to put together a model truck such as this one have to be great problem solvers. These tasks also help with hand-eye-coordination and fine-motor skills.

For those who are older it is very easy to lose this skills.The ability to preserve and build models will help you stay sharp and capable. The set includes 96 pieces which is more than some other sets available. However that being said, this will make the end result even more rewarding. Working with small pieces should keep skills you may otherwise lose in older age, working and even growing.

This specific truck is a gorgeous design which looks very accurate to the original. Ford’s 1955 Revell F-150 street rod is a favourite make for many who drove at that time. It will make a great addition to anybody’s truck collection.

2. AMT 1/25 Scale ’66 Chevy Nova Pro Street Dragster Kit

If you are searching for a model toy vehicle, this is another favourite. Working on assembling these type of cars will greatly contribute to the overall happiness of your life. For many, their happiness is tied to achieving short term goals. The satisfaction of completing a vehicle like this is sure to give many rushes of joy.

Assembling this dragster is far simpler than our first choice vehicle. It was rated only a level two difficulty which makes it ideal for people of all ages to enjoy. It is even suggested that this is suitable for ten year olds.   

Not only will assembling this vehicle be a fun task for any car lover, iit will also be a learning opportunity. If you begin assembling model trucks when you are young, you will be able to gain and grow these skills early on. This experience is invaluable, which is why a model car is a great gift.

3. Kinsmart 1955 Chevy Step side Pick-Up Die Cast Collectible Toy Truck, Blue

Though building a model truck is an enjoyable hobby for many, it is not for everyone. There are many collectors who just want to do simple that, collect. This truck from Kinsmart is an affordable and pre-constructed replica of the 1955 Chevy pick up.

Though it is an extremely affordable option, it is not made cheap. The truck is made from high quality die cast metal which can withstand the test of time. This truck is durable enough to also serve as a kid’s play toy or as a first truck for a youngsters collection.

Simple features are what set this truck apart from other available models on the market. Though this one comes in a classic shade of blue, the truck is available in variety of colours. Kinsmart’s Chevy ‘55 flaunts doors that open and the ability to propel forwards when pulled back. This truck is a great choice for collectors who prefer their models to be pre-built.

4. Revell 1/25 ’32 Ford 5 Window Coupe 2′ n 1

This gorgeous collectible vehicle is modelled after the Revell 1932 Ford 5 window coupe. This car is something of beauty for many collectors. Affordable model cars that over 60 years old can be harder to find online. This model from Revell is of Ford’s 1932 Coupe which makes the original design almost 90 years old.

This specific model truck will require some assembly, however, it comes with a detailed assembly instruction manual. This manual includes illustrations to make assembly easier than ever. There is something specific about the options you get when you build your own model car.

With this vehicle you will get the choice of classic wheels or instead five spoke mags. You will also have the option of building either a high boy style custom or full fender street rod. This makes the final product far more personable which will make it even more rewarding upon completion.

Frequently Asked Questions about collectible toy trucks

When purchasing a collectible toy truck online there are many questions you must take into consideration. First is are you going to be willing to build the vehicle yourself. On a site like Amazon you will find a large variety of different products available. In the collectable truck department there will be both pre-built trucks or ones that require some assembly.

If you want to buy a truck without assembling it, it is important to search for ones that come pre-built. The third truck in our list, the Kinsmart 1955 Chevy is a pre-built truck. All the other ones need to be assembled.

Another common question to ask when purchasing a truck online is who is it suitable for. For example you need to consider this if you want to purchase a model truck for a younger child. In this scenario, perhaps one with 96 pieces is not as suitable as one that is pre-built.


Though people may generally associate toy trucks with being for younger boys, they are for everyone. This is especially true for collectible or model trucks. Having a collection of these type of trucks is just as common as a collection of stamps.

Assembling your own model vehicles from pieces is a great skill to learn. This will teach you how to problem solve, be creative and put things together. This is why many parents introduce the idea of assembling model trucks to children at younger ages. Starting to build these trucks when you are young will help children improve their fine-motor skills.

Putting together model trucks and vehicles is not only for youngsters. There are many adults who find just as much joy in the activity. In fact, assembling model trucks is actually a fantastic hobby for later in life. This will allow you to preserve skills you may otherwise lose in older age. A collectible car makes for a great gift no matter how old the recipient is.

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