Children love playing with trucks. Trucks were a popular toy when their parents were kids. Yet, even after many decades, trucks of all kind remain a favourite toy to many kids. With some of the same names still selling toys, it may be a surprise to many that these trucks are still played with. Let’s look at a few Fire truck toys for toddlers.

There are some children who will love construction and building trucks. However, almost all will love fire truck toys. There are many reasons for this. Parents also love giving their kids fire truck toys to play with because it serves as a lesson as well as a toy. Fire truck toys give children the opportunity to learn to respect firefighters and all that they do.

Kids love fire trucks. From a young age, it is likely you or others have taught them how important firefighters are. Their trucks are also bright, loud and big, all things kids love. Because of this, fire trucks are something of a marvel to children.

Why consider purchasing fire truck toys for toddlers?

A common expression that people say is that children are like sponges. By this, they mean that they soak up information and lessons taught to them while they are young. Toys they play with and experiences they have, when they are toddlers, will shape who they are in their future. This is why it is crucial to teach them well when they are young.

Many parents would be overjoyed and proud if their children grew up to be firemen. It is regarded as a benevolent and well-respected position in the community. Playing with fire truck toys when they are younger will not lead them to necessarily become firefighters. That being said, it allows you to teach them about the profession.

Even if you do not want your child to become a firefighter, it is important to teach them about the importance of the position in our lives. As civilians, we put a great deal of trust in public services such as firefighters. If a child respects firefighters from a young age, it is more likely they will listen to them in case of emergency.

Buying Guide

Young children require a lot of supervision. Unlike later stages of childhood where you can just allow your kids to go off on their own ventures, toddlers cannot be left alone. Though a toy is a gift for the child, there is a good chance the parents will be playing with it too.

Real fire trucks need to be loud. They need to be able to alert cars who may be listening to the radio, to move out of the way. While fire trucks are effective for the task, you may not want that sound ringing around your house every day. Though of course toy fire trucks will not be as loud as real ones, many do come with sound effects.  

As cool as sound effects may be to toddlers and young children, they will become an eventual pain to parents. This is something you have to ask yourself when buying a fire truck toy. Do I want to hear sirens around my house? With this in mind, this will help you narrow down your choices.

There are makers that make fire truck toys which vary in loudness. You can just easily both silent and loud toys on the market. It is just important for you to know which one you can handle. If this toy will be a gift, this is also an important factor to consider. Parents, especially new ones will prefer quieter toys.

Another thing to keep in mind is age range. If you specifically searching for a fire truck toy for a toddler you must keep this in mind. There are very detailed toys out there which include many small pieces or figurines. While these may be great for older children, it may be unsafe for toddlers to play with them.

Just keep in mind the safety and sound of the toys and you will make the perfect purchase.

1. FUNERICA Toy Fire Truck with Lights and Sounds – Extendable Ladder -Powerful Friction Wheels – Mini Firetruck Toy for Toddlers and Young Kids- Bonus: 5 Fireman and Toy Figures

FUNERICA fire truck toys are meant to look and seem like the real thing. These realistic toys are packed with features to entertain children of all ages. This toy is not huge but it really packs a punch and is a great fire truck toy available.

One thing that kids love about fire trucks is how loud and bright they are. The siren on the FUNERICA truck is equipped with three different sound effects and flashing lights. This alongside the extendable ladder will make kids feel like are really saving the day and putting out fires.

This truck is perfect for toddlers. Though it comes with five additional toy firefighters, if you do not trust your child small toys, you can just exclude them. This is because the truck is meant to be safe and was created for younger kids. It met both the United States’ and the United Kingdom’s standards for toys.

2. Battat Fire Engine Truck with Working Movable Parts and 2 Firefighters Figurines – Toy Trucks for Toddlers 18m+

Battat has been a well known in toy making for years. Established in 1897, this toy company still knows what it’s doing and that is why it makes second on our list. The Battat fire truck is guaranteed to be enjoyed by all toddlers or younger children.

The fire truck itself was made to be played with. Unlike other more heavy duty trucks available, the Battat fire truck is made with rubbery wheels. This is perfect as these soft wheels will not scratch your floors. Not all families have a playroom or a big backyard. If this is the case the Battat truck is perfect for no-damage, clean fun.

This truck is fully designed to be for toddlers. With fun moving parts it will keep even the hardest to please toddlers entertained for hours. The plastic is extremely safe and durable, perfect to endure the wear and tear which comes about from being a toddler’s toy.

3. Boley 3 Pack Emergency City Cars and Train Set – Educational Light and Sound Toy Vehicle Playset – Includes Fire Truck, Train and Police Interceptor Toys for Toddlers, Kids, Boys, and Girls!

This Boley set of three is perfect for children with huge imaginations. The set includes a fire truck, police car and train toy. The vehicles also come with figurines to accompany them. These are perfect toys to teach your child about the important careers that each of these hold in real life. Boley is so sure you will enjoy these toys that they offer a satisfaction guarantee.

The toys are made to be safe for toddlers. As Boley is a large scale toy company, they understand what is necessary to make a child-friendly toy. Their toys are non-toxic and they stick to the regulations set by the United States for toy testing.

With loud blaring sirens, there is no way kids will not enjoy these toys. These sound effects are also accompanied by flashing lights, which toddlers can easily control. The vehicles equipped with easy to press buttons so that your children can truly feel they are running the service operation.

4. Fisher-Price Little People Firetruck

Fisher-Price has remained a classic name for toy production. Their toys are intended for younger children, made to be safe and enjoyable for who they call ‘little people.’ While this truck has all the classic features of the other trucks it is so much more.

The Fisher-Price fire truck toy has various buttons which puts your toddler in charge of controlling it all. These buttons will allow them to turn on emergency lights and put the truck into action to save the day. Tasks such as these will help teach them early-on about cause and effect of their actions.

Other trucks which generally only offer lights and sirens. The Fisher-Price fire truck also has buttons which play songs and say phrases. These are generally geared towards teaching your children about teamwork. The songs and phrases are perfect to accompany the fun figurine firefighter characters. These figurines accompany the truck.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fire truck toys for toddlers

Many people will have questions which extend to all of the trucks available. For example a common question is about how loud the toys will be. Generally toy fire trucks that are equipped with sirens will not make too much noise. That being said, for parents who would rather no noise, there is the Battat truck which is silent.

Another common question people ask is about the size of these trucks. They are all varying in size, however, the dimensions can be found on their specific Amazon pages. If you are looking truck to travel with, it may be better to take that into consideration and choose a smaller one.  

Finally, some of the most frequently asked questions are about durability. Anybody who has a toddler knows that their toys get a lot of wear and tear. Though it may seem better to get cheaper toys, often these are not of the highest quality material. If your toddler plays hard, any of these toy fire trucks will be ideal, all to endure children.


If you are thinking of getting a toy for a younger child, you cannot go wrong with a fire truck. Other types of trucks are not always as universally enjoyed as fire trucks. While they may all be trucks some may not appreciate the construction related trucks as much.

Fire trucks make for great gifts as they also serve as a learning tool for children. It is crucial for safety purposes that children understand the important of fire fighters. In case of any emergency, your children will be more likely to listen to firefighters if they respect them. Respect for these important community members can be gained by training your children with fire fighting toys.

Kids love fire trucks for their size, colour, flashing lights and sound. It is a pretty safe bet as a toy. It is important you take into account the type of fire fighting toy you are purchasing. So long as you consider the features of your purchase, truck loving toddlers will undoubtedly love a fire truck toy.

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