Toy trucks are still one of the most popular toys around. This is likely because of the amount of variation in this toy that allows it to fit every child’s preferences. There is a huge range of trucks from large to small ones which can come in every colour of the rainbow and with a variety of features. With this in mind, there is no surprise that trucks have remained so popular after all this time.

Trucks can be played with, in a variety of different locations are easy for travelling. This is what makes little toy trucks such a popular choice for families on the go. Unlike computer games with have restraints, there is nothing holding a kid back from playing with their toy truck.

Trucks are also perfect for outdoor play, which can become very messy. If you have a kid who loves to play in the mud, trucks make a fun addition. Small toy trucks made out of washable materials are great for outdoor use in all types of weather conditions.

Importance of little toy trucks

Little toy trucks are actually extremely important for a variety of different reasons. Unlike games online, toy trucks allow you to play outside and get exercise. Unfortunately, nowadays kids are not always getting all the exercise they need to be healthy. To assure your child is living healthy, playing with a truck will get them off the device and moving around.

Playing with trucks is also a very good educational experience. It teaches different skills than online games. From hand-eye-coordination to fine motor skills, there are simply abilities that are better learned through playing with real-life toys.

Little toy trucks are different from larger ones as they are a lot more portable. While kids often love huge trucks, these trucks are a lot better for backyard play. However, if you are on the move with your child, it is likely a better idea to have small, portable trucks around. This will allow them to be entertained no matter where you go.

What to look for when buying?

If you are planning to purchase a toy truck online there are many things to keep in mind. Amazon is a great source to purchase your items. They offer reviews, product descriptions and all the information necessary to make sure you are buying the best toy available. On Amazon, you will actually be able to find out more about the toy than purchasing it in-store.

When buying any toy online there are many considerations you have to keep in mind. The first consideration has to be whether or not the toy is safe for children. While most small toy trucks are meant for younger kids, you still have to be very careful with your purchase. Toys that are too small can be choking hazards which can be extremely dangerous, especially for kids who love to put things in their mouths.

For toy trucks to be safe they need to be extremely durable. This is important as trucks often receive a lot of wear and tear, especially from younger children who tend to play rougher. The material will be a good test to tell if the toy will be able to handle a young child’s rough playing habits. Look for harder plastics from trusted companies.

Another factor you need to consider is who this truck is intended for. Make sure the toy truck you are looking at is meant for children. Often you will be able to find collectible toy trucks which will be more fragile and not intended for play. These may break apart or be made with toxic material which could harm your child.

The last thing you should consider when purchasing a little toy truck for your children is where they will be stored. Do you have a specific area which contains all their small toys? Perhaps a carrying pouch to travel with. Either way, to avoid mess consider what you are going to do with these little toys.

1. Woby Push and Go Friction Powered Car Toys Set Tractor Bulldozer Mixer Truck and Dumper for Baby Toddlers

If you are looking for a safe toy for a younger child, this truck set from Woby is a great choice. These trucks are child-safe and intended for children who are one, two and three years old. The trucks are made of hard, durable and non-toxic plastic. Even the detachable pieces are not too small that they will not be choking hazards for most.

These trucks are the perfect portable option. In fun and bright colours, this is perfect as your children will want to take these toys with them everywhere. This set specifically comes with a tractor, bulldozer, mixer and dump truck. This combination is perfect for creative minds who love to create worlds and cities of their own.

The trucks also serve as great learning tools. Not only will these trucks help fuel creativity, but they will also help them grow a variety of skills. In a variety of shades, kids can easily learn about colours and develop sensory perception abilities early on.

2. WINONE Pull Back Cars, Toys for 3 4-5 Year Old Boys, 12 Pack Boys Girls Kids Toys Vehicles and Racing Cars for Party Favors for Kids, Birthday Party Supplies

These toys from WINONE, much like our first pick, come in a great variety pack. This set includes six racing cars and six construction vehicles. If you have a vehicle-loving child, this pack of cars and trucks from WINONE has everything they need to be happy. This is also great for sharing or giving out as party favours or prizes and you get 12 for an affordable price.

These toys are intended for three to five-year-old boys which means they are both fun and safe. They are crafted with an environmentally-friendly and non-toxic plastic. This set from WINONE is certified for the US toy safety standard. This means they meet all the qualifications and regulatory measures needed for them to be considered safe in the United States.

With a variety of small, realistic toys, your children will want to bring them around everywhere. This is no worry with these toys as are small and portable. This makes them perfect for travelling families.

3. Set of 4 Trucks: 5″ Chevy Stepside 4×4 Pick Up Monster Wheel (Black, Blue, Red and Yellow)

With all the advancements in the technology industry, toys have changed a lot. These tech or online games and toys, generally intended for older children, have shaped the toy world. There has been an increase in children who would rather play games on a device than with a real toy. This is why toys like this set of four monster trucks from KinSmart are so important.  

This set of monster trucks are accurate and detailed. These trucks are realistic monster trucks modelled after the Chevy Stepside 4×4. As 1/32 scale models, these trucks are perfect for pickier older children. They do not look like other toys meant for young kids. In fact, they are not intended for children under the age of five.

The set includes four different monster trucks in varying colours which is perfect for sharing and racing with others. These toys are heavy duty and are a great way to keep older kids interested in playing.

4. Daron FDNY Vehicle Gift Set, 5-Piece

For many toys serve as the perfect way to teach children lessons in a fun way. An extremely important thing for kids to learn is fire safety. Teaching your children about firefighters can prevent possible calamities in case of emergencies. This set of firefighting vehicles is a perfect way to do so.

These toys are intended for children over the age of three. As they are rather small they can be less safe for younger children. That being said, they are a great toy for travelling as they are very small and portable. This is fantastic for families on the go who need an easy way to entertain their children.

These vehicles are extremely realistic and even officially licensed by the city of New York. Made of die-cast metal, these toys can tolerate rough play from even the most rambunctious of children. If you are looking for fun and education, consider this five-piece set of FDNY toy vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions about little toy trucks

When purchasing a little toy truck for children there are many questions that are commonly asked. Most of which relate to safety as this is the most important concern when purchasing any kind of toy. Getting the answers to these important questions will assure you get a product which is both safe and fun for your growing child.

The first question is what is the toy made of. Toys with a metallic build are generally not suitable for younger children. This is because many younger children put objects in their mouths and the paint and metal on these is not meant to be consumed. If you are shopping for a child under three, look for a hard and durable plastic toy, rather than a metal one.

Another important question to ask is how small these toys really are. If a toy is too small it may be a choking hazard for younger children. Though smaller toys make great portable entertainment for kids, be careful to assure they are not dangerous. You can easily find the measurements of these toys the product descriptions of the toys on Amazon.  


Even after many years, trucks are still a very popular toy for young children. Kids love trucks because they are fun, colourful and you can move them around. The rolling wheels allow racing and fun movement, which is preferable over toys that do not move easily.

Parents also love giving children toy trucks for a variety of different reasons. Trucks let children fuel their imaginations in a way online games simply cannot match. Trucks help inspire children to come up with stories and play pretend which will allow them to be creative. Developing these skills when young is very important, as they are harder to learn later on.

Parents also love smaller toy trucks as they are portable, easy for travel and outdoor play. To get your kid out of the house, bring them somewhere with a truck. This is an easy and timeless way to get them to enjoy themselves. If you are looking for a toy to give to give to a younger child, try a small classic toy truck.

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