One of the most fun things for a toddler is to be pushed around all day in their favourite vehicle. Push trucks allow children to see the world in a different way. These toys have been around for decades now and remain a timeless toy for every toddler to have at some point in their life. Here are our favorite Push truck for toddlers.

Parent’s love that push trucks keep rambunctious toddlers calm and settled. Your child’s first steps are one of the most exciting moments in the early stages of parenthood. That being said parenting becomes a lot more tiring and difficult when children no longer ride around in strollers. Well, these push trucks are like a step up from strollers, essentially allowing for the same amount of control.

There are so many different versions of push trucks available online. From classic coloured cars to animals to construction trucks, there will be at least one available that excite your youngster.

Importance of Push truck for toddlers

Push trucks are very important to parents who enjoy taking their kids on walks. When kids are first able to walk they often will get tired far faster than you will, as they have smaller legs and less walking experience. Often times at this age they will be far too old for a stroller. However, you can easily replace the stroller a push truck instead.

Push trucks will keep your child in front of you in a viewable way at all times. This will make it far easier to keep track of where they are when you go on walking adventures. They will also make you get exercise as you will be pushing around a heavier child all day. These trucks are great options for children ages 1 and up.

Push trucks are very important for growing children as they will help their physical skills develop. They will also encourage children to go out on adventures with you pushing them around and fresh air never hurts.

Buying Guide

If you making a purchase on Amazon there are always many things you must keep in mind. This is just as true with toys you will buy online. However, this statement is incredibly important when you are purchasing push trucks for toddlers online.

The important factor when purchasing anything for a toddler is their safety. With a toy like a push truck, they will be more at risk than with a simple toy that is played within their hands on the ground. This is because they are generally elevated in the air and being pushed around at varying speeds.

When purchasing a push truck consider the height of the vehicle. If a truck is too tall it will not only be more difficult for a child to mount themselves, but it can also be dangerous. Though falls from these are not common, they can happen, so it is preferable that if children do fall that they are closer to the ground. This will make the impact less dangerous and painful just in case.

Another important factor to consider when discussing safety is how secure your child will be in the push truck. As they are going to be sitting on this truck and being pushed around, you want to make sure they cannot easily fall out. Many push trucks will simply include a front handle for your children to hold onto. Others will also include foot stands, just pay attention to stabilizing elements in this vehicle.

If your toddler is going to be sitting in this truck for hours a week, it is important that they will be comfortable. An important thing for you to consider when purchasing a push truck is what kind of seat it has. Some seats will be just made out of plastic, while others will be more cushioned. If you plan on pushing your child around in this truck for many hours, look for a comfortable seat.

1. Paw Patrol Marshall Fire Engine Ride-On Ride On

This push truck from Paw Patrol is the perfect vehicle to keep your child entertained, learning and occupied. The truck is modelled to look like a fire engine, which is perfect because children usually love fire trucks. This is also a perfect way to educate your children about fire safety and firefighters. This is a very useful lesson in case of an emergency which can be taught in a very fun way with this Paw Patrol push truck.

The truck has many different features which your child will enjoy. These include 2 electronic buttons which they can press on the handlebars. These will activate sounds and voices which will entertain them and also teach them about cause and effect.

The truck also comes with a removable walkie-talkie and fire hose for fun imaginative play. This truck is fashioned for both parents and children. The area under the seat has storage capabilities and the push bar is designed to look like a ladder.

2. POCO DIVO Baby Calf 3-in-1 Walker Low-seat Ride On Toy Sliding Car Pushing Cart with Sound – Black/White

This push truck from POCO DIVO is guaranteed fun for your little toddler. This truck is perfect for animal-loving children. There is even a pink option available for the girly girls out there. This baby calf cartoon is cute and fun for young children, with rubber ears and eyes to make it look more realistic.

This toy push truck is intended for children between the ages of 1-3. It is created from a material that is non-toxic and free of lead, BPA and phthalates. Built with an anti-falling back break, this truck is designed to assure your child will be safe and secure on it. The vehicle meets and exceeds the United States standards for safe toys.

This push truck is actually extremely versatile. It is a three in one toy, which can be used as a pushcart, sliding car or a walker. This is perfect for both pushing your child around and teaching them physical skills and how to walk.

3. Step2 Whisper Ride Cruiser Push Car, Pink

This push truck is styled to look just like a race car, which kids will love. With realistic details, fun decals, a pretend steering wheel equipped with a horn, this push truck will keep your kid entertained on every ride. Children love to feel as if they are doing adult tasks and this push car will let them feel as if they are driving a real car.

This race car push truck is the perfect stylish vehicle for your child to ride. It is available in pink, blue and red to suit any of your child’s preferences. The car also features Step2’s classic whisper ride wheels which create a realistic road noise.

This push truck has a lot of storage under the seat which is perfect for going on trips. It also features cup holders to keep the parent’s hydrated after all the exercise they will be getting. To assure simple transportation, this push truck folds up easily.

4. Red Ride On Car Toy Gliding Scooter with Sound & Light by Unknown

This push truck is likely the most stylish one available online. It looks incredibly realistic and is available in both red and yellow. This detailed vehicle has simple design elements which truly elevate the look of it. These include a shiny coating and racing checker boxes.

This push truck does not have a large handle on the back for pushing around your child. Because of this, it is not meant for long trips, but more for trips around the house. It’s best use-case is for your child to push around. This will allow toddlers to build their walking, strength and physical skills.

This car is extremely durable and can handle 45 pounds of weight, which is more than other models available online. With bright front flashing lights and a variety of sounds, your child will be entertained by this push truck for many hours at a time.

Frequent Asked Questions about Push truck for toddlers

When purchasing push trucks on Amazon, purchasers will have a wide variety of different questions. One of the most popular questions is how much weight the truck can handle. If you put a child on a push truck that weighs more than it can handle, you could be putting your kid in danger. To avoid harms way look on the Amazon page in the product description for the maximum weight these trucks can handle.

Another frequently asked question about these trucks is whether it works both inside and outside. Most push trucks are usable for both, however, not all are. It is important to question whether or not you plan on using these trucks inside the house. If so pay attention to if one of these push trucks could have the potential to scratch up your floors.

Finally, another important question many buyers will ask is about the age range for these push trucks. It is incredibly important to assure that when you are buying push trucks, you are finding ones intended for your toddler. This important both to assure they will fit on and enjoy the ride you are purchasing for them.


Push trucks have been extremely popular children’s toys for many decades now. There is a good chance you had one growing up as well. If you did, there is no question why these are still so popular. Push trucks are probably one of the most fun toys available for children.

Imagine getting the opportunity to have a toy and a ride built into one. This is essentially what a push toy is for a child. They provide incredible imaginative opportunities for children who will feel as if they are driving the vehicle themselves. This is wonderful for developing creative skills in the early stages of a child’s life.

Push toys are great for keeping children calm and settled. Most will not complain about their pushy-ride everywhere they go. These toys are also excellent as children can push them around as well. This will teach them how to walk and other physical skills in a fun way. This is why push toys make perfect gifts and toys for any growing toddler.

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