Dually trucks or technically known as dual rear trucks are trucks with two wheels instead of one. This dual rear system will make the truck more durable and stable which is necessary for many different purposes. Common needs for dually tires and trucks are trucks which tow-horses or campers. For anybody who has a dually truck a toy dually would make an incredible gift.

Toy dually trucks are great for both children and adults. Often they are created as detailed scaled replicas of the original truck. These will often be intended for collectors or adults rather than children. Any seasoned collector will know that many pickups will include dual rear trucks. If this detail is missing on a model truck it will severely lower the accuracy of the product.  

Though there are many collectors dually trucks, there are also many dually truck toys available intended for playing with. An example of these include trucks which pull toy horse trailers for animal lovers.

Importance of toy dually trucks

Dually trucks are very common designs for heavy-duty pickups. This is why it is a very important detail for a accurate replica of a toy dually truck. Seasoned collectors will know that if one of these small details are missing such as dual rear tires, the item will not have the same worth. This is why it is very important to assure if a truck in real life has dually tires, that the model has them as well.

Dually trucks generally have a different purpose than other trucks. These trucks are more stable than other trucks lacking these tires. They are intended for carrying loads such as horse carriages and trailers that are heavier. If you are purchasing a model truck online that is meant to carry a load, pay attention to whether or not it has dually tires.

Dually tires are a detail that people may not notice if they are not seasoned, collectors. If you are purchasing a gift for a truck collector, looking out for these tires will assure you get the most accurate model available.

Buying Guide

When purchasing a dually toy truck online there are many things you should watch out for. These will assure you are getting the exact product you are hoping for. This is especially important if you are purchasing this item as a gift for another recipient.

The first thing to take into consideration is that the toy actually has dually trucks. Though the product may be listed as having dually trucks, it may actually not have them. This is because often time dual rear tire trucks will include that in the title and the replicas will copy. This is the first thing that is incredibly important to consider if you are looking at buying a dually truck toy online.

Another important thing to keep in mind when purchasing a toy dual rear tire truck is who the product is intended for. Many dually toy trucks available online are actually not meant for children. These trucks may be for collectors or adults who love the original trucks.

Dually Trucks for Adults

If you purchase a collectors truck toy that is not intended for children, playing with it can be dangerous. These products may be made with small pieces or unsafe materials that can become choking hazards. Model dually trucks may also be finished with a coat of paint or seal which can be toxic to consume. It is a better idea to keep this product out of young children’s hands.

On the other hand, if you are a collector looking for a dually truck it is important you do not unintentionally purchase one made for children. These will be cheaper and less accurate of a model than trucks made for collectors.

If you are purchasing a toy truck online the main things to consider are the accuracy of the details and the intended audience. Shopping with these two considerations in mind will assure you get the product you are looking for.

1. Big Country Toys Ford Super Duty F350 Dually – 1:20 Scale – Farm Toys – Rodeo Toys – Replica Toy Truck


This dually truck from Big Country Toys is an extremely versatile toy truck. It is perfect for both collectors and kids play time. This truck is modelled after the Ford Super Duty F350 dually pickup truck. With authentic details at a 1:20 scale, this toy is an incredibly accurate model.

Though it is made from plastic, not a metal material, the plastic looks legitimate for collections. As it is made from durable plastic, this truck can last through playtimes from small children. This toy will be able to endure rambunctious toddler’s rough playing habits. This dually truck is perfect for children ages three and up, all the way to fully grown adults.

The truck features a opening back tailgate, a wheel which spins and a crew cab. These details make the truck all the bit more realistic for collectors and fun for children. Overall this is a great toy truck which will fit many recipient’s needs.

2. Big Country Toys Ram 3500 Mega Cab Dually – 1:20 Scale – Farm Toys – Replica Toy Truck – Truck with Gooseneck Hitch


This truck from Big Country Toys is modelled after the Ram 3500 dually truck at a 1:20 scale. This vehicle is perfect for both collectors or young children. It is a perfect addition to any farm and ranch collection of any kind. Whether it be a model truck collection for adults or a toy collection for children.

This truck is just as perfect for younger children as it is for collectors. The toy is made from a very high-quality plastic which can hold up during the wear and tear of rough play times. The plastic does not look cheap and the details are highly accurate. This makes it a favourite among both picky children and collectors.

Big Country Toys’ Ram 3500 replica has many moving parts which make it more realistic and entertaining for children of all ages. It features moving wheels, a working tailgate and a gooseneck connector.

3. Breyer Traditional Series “Dually” Truck Toy


For a great toy dually truck consider this vehicle from Breyer. Breyer understands what makes a toy fun for children of all ages. The product features many attachable separate accessories, which will allow full imaginative play.  With the horse on the front of the vehicle, it is perfect for any animal-loving child.

Breyer’s traditional series “dually” truck toy is simple and stylish. The classic features only add to a child’s creative possibilities. The rolling wheels, opening doors and working hood, tailgate and hitch only make this truck more realistic and a better toy for children.

If you have any other toys from Breyer’s collection of accessories, they are very easy to add on to this truck. This includes the 2-Horse trailer that is accompanies it. If your child love horses and trucks, you cannot go wrong with this dually vehicle with the horse on the front.

4. John Deere 1: 16 Big Farm Chevy 3500 Service Truck


For a truck perfect for both adults and children, try this model truck from John Deere. This toy models after the Chevy 3500 service truck at a 1:16 scale. This makes it much larger than most other common replication truck toys available online.

This toy vehicle from John Deere packs features that will keep children happy and entertained. Fun lights and sounds only add a realistic touch to this toy for children. The John Deere service truck toy will help them fuel creative scenarios and situations where they can save the day. This is perfect to teach them a lesson about kindness and helping people.

This truck is generally suitable for children, however, it is also a great toy for adults. If you know anybody who has this truck or wants a Chevy 3500 service truck, the model version will be a great gift.

Frequently Asked Questions about toy dually trucks

If you are shopping online, there are many questions that you often ask when purchasing toy dually trucks. Paying attention to these frequently asked questions will ensure that you get the product you are hoping for.

One of the most important questions with dual rear tired truck toys online is regarding the quality of the product. Questions to ask to assure you are getting the highest quality include: How is the detailing on this product? What material is this toy? Will the parts move, open or are removable?

These questions are generally more necessary to ask if you are purchasing dually trucks as a collector. These trucks generally are metallic. Die-cast metal is a great option which looks realistic to the real truck.

If you are purchasing a dually truck as a toy for a child, these questions will not be necessary. For children’s toys, frequently asked questions include the two questions: Is this toy safe for children? Is this toy durable? These questions will assure your purchased toy will be safe and able to withstand the wear and tear it will receive from children.


Anybody with a collection knows that attention to detail is a very important skill. This will ensure your collection is as accurate and realistic as possible. If you are searching for a dual rear truck tire to add to the collection, it is important to be very observant.

Though dually truck toys are also available for children, they are often for collections. These will be dangerous for younger children and less suited as toys. If purchasing for kids, be careful to make sure you are getting the product you are looking for.

Often times, dually truck replicas are available online but without two rear tires. This will make illegitimate replicas and worthless to a seasoned collector. To assure you are getting the product you are looking for, you will need to pay attention to detail. Doing so, you will be able to purchase an authentic looking dual rear tire truck at a good price online.

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