At some point in many boy’s lives, they will want a nice truck or car to ride around in. For many, the vehicle of their dreams is a rough looking pickup truck. This is perhaps because pickup trucks are always advertised all over television or stereotyped to be a manly vehicle. Here are a few Toy pickup trucks with trailers.

For young boys, having their own pickup truck is a wish that will not have the possibility of being realized until far in the future. That being said, having a pickup truck toy may help fill that gap. If you know your boy admires the look of pickup trucks, consider getting them a pickup truck toy.

Toy trucks will come with a variety of different features and attachments. Those with more features generally tend to be more entertaining for younger children. These extras will also make the toy feel more realistic. That is why many companies choose to include trailers with pickup truck toys.

Importance of Toy pickup trucks with trailers

Playing with trucks has always been an important part of growing up for many kids. Not only does it provide children with exercise, as well as endless entertainment, it is also good for their futures. By playing with trucks kids have the opportunity to develop sensory perception and learn early on about cause and effect.

Toy trucks also allow for children’s imaginations to wander. With trucks, children can create complex worlds and play pretend. Ultimate creativity is very important for growing children. The ability to be imaginative at this age will help them be creative as they age.

Playing with toy trucks nowadays is more important than ever for children. There is a wide range of computer games available. However, there are many experiences that are unique to playing with a real truck. In computer games the world is already predetermined, there are regulations and constraints. These games will not allow for the same creative freedom which will not fuel their imagination in the same way.

Toy Pickup Trucks

When buying a pickup truck toy with a trailer on Amazon, there are many things to keep in mind. This will assure you are getting the absolute best product for your needs. The first factor that you must consider is who you are buying the toy for.

The first question to ask is: how old is the recipient of this gift? If you are purchasing a pickup truck and trailer toy online for toddlers there are very specific factors to consider. Younger children require more supervision and safer toys.

For a toy to be safe it has to be durable and made from a safe material. Toys made from hard metals or one that will not be able to withstand the wear and tear they will receive from younger children will not be appropriate. Though a child may enjoy the appearance of a toy it is up to the parent to assure that safety is considered.

You also have to be careful about extra details when considering safety for younger children. These features can be hard to miss but potentially very dangerous for youngsters. If a truck and trailer has some sort of connecting piece it could be small and a potentially a choking hazard.

Another feature to keep in mind is the external covering. If a toy is painted or created with a toxic material it will be extremely dangerous for any child who likes to put things in their mouths. Toys like these will be intended for an older audience.

If you are shopping on Amazon for a collector, you will have entirely different factors to consider. Trucks for adults or collectors should not be made of plastic, generally metal is preferred as it will seem more realistic. You will also want to look out for trucks that are officially licensed and include authentic details and features.

1. Schleich North America Pick Up with Horse Trailer Playset

A combination that is sure to please most children is vehicles and animals. Almost all kids love animals, this is especially true for those with pets at home. Children also love pickup trucks. From fun entertaining ads to appear in their favourite television shows, there are plenty of reasons that kids love trucks.

This is why the Schleich North America Pick Up with Horse Trailer Playset is the perfect gift for so many. This pick up and trailer is far more than just a simple pickup truck toy. Together these create a home and storage space for a furry friend.

This trailer is packed with fantastic features. The roof of the trailer can detach so children can keep track of their horses inside. The trailer has two stalls so that you can fit multiple figurines. This toy is great because it is not only for horse lovers. Any child who has a collection of figurines will enjoy transporting them around in the trailer compartment.

2. Ertl Dodge Pickup with Diecast Trailer and Bales, 1:64-Scale

This pickup truck and trailer is a gorgeous make from the company ERTL. It is modelled after many people’s favourite truck: the Dodge pickup. The toy truck is a 1:64 scale of the original truck itself and extremely accurate. There are many fine details which make this toy truck better than other truck toy models available online.

The truck is mostly made from die cast metal, though there are some plastic pieces. Rest assured, these plastic pieces do not appear cheap or take away from the toy’s overall accuracy. With the amount of detail in this truck it is perfect for hard to please children as well as collectors.

This Dodge Pickup 1:64 scale model toy truck comes with a die cast trailer with bales. This feature makes the truck seem more realistic and more original. If you are looking for a gift for both a collector or a child this could be the perfect, affordable option.

3. LEGO City Pickup & Caravan 60182 Building Kit (344 Piece)

LEGO is a trusted name in the toy business and has been for a very long time. This LEGO product is no different. The quality is still the same as always, however, different from LEGO you may have played with when you were a kid. This product is packed with features which make it modern and compatible with other LEGO construction sets. This makes it perfect for creative and imaginative building.

This LEGO city pickup and caravan trailer comes with everything needed for hours of fun. The set includes three human figures, along with a crab toy figurine for the collection. The vehicles themselves need to be constructed out of the 344 pieces which come with the set. Once built the caravan has a removable roof and can easily be hitched to the pickup truck.

This set is a perfect gift for children ages five and over. They will enjoy both the building process and the final product of this LEGO TOY. This way children will not get bored of the product any time soon.

4. LEGO City ATV Race Team 60148 Best Toy

Another LEGO product makes our list but this time at number four. Anybody who has used LEGO understands why. LEGO has been a trusted name in toy creation for many years and this classic company is only improving with time. This city ATV race team toy is just another example of a fantastic toy from LEGO.

This toy is perfect for both truck loving and had to please children from 5-12 years old. The set of toys includes the pickup truck, trailer hitch, ramp and trailer. There are also a variety of accessories such as a wrench, fuel barrel, two ATV rider figures and a spare tire. This will allow children to create games and world’s of their own and use their imagination.

When considering a gift for a younger child, consider this LEGO toy set. The fully equipped set includes multiple items which will add to the fun for all kids.

Frequently Asked Questions about toy pick up trucks with trailers

When purchasing any toy online it is important to first ask some questions. This will assure you get the product you are hoping for. This is especially important when purchasing a gift for somebody else as you want to know exactly what you are going to be giving.

One question many have on their minds is whether or not the pieces are detachable. Generally, if a toy truck is accompanied by a trailer one would assume it is able to detach. This is good for realism sake, however, it is not always the safest option for younger children.

If you are purchasing these pickup trucks with trailers for kids, pay attention to whether or not the attachment has small pieces. These pieces which may serve to hold the two pieces together could be choking hazards. The other question necessary to ask is who is the toy intended for. Some toy trucks are actually collectible items and not exactly recommended for children to play with.


Many young boys at some point in their life will fall in love with pickup trucks. This is because of commercials on television, or cool vehicles in their favourite movies. No matter what the reason an attraction to these massive vehicles is quite common in younger boys. This is why pickup trucks with trailers make for great gifts for young boys of all ages.

With the increase in online games, it may be harder to urge a child to play with real toys. This is why it is important to have them playing with toys that fascinate them so they remain interested. For many youngsters, the best choice is a toy truck.

Pickup trucks, especially with trailers will seem incredibly realistic for young children. This will increase their overall interest in the toy. If you looking for a gift to give a truck loving boy, consider a pickup truck with a trailer.

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